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Extreme Dildos

Extreme dildos are only for experienced players, they're much to large for most of us. Some of these giants measure up 3 inches wide, now that's enormous, it's more like a horse. It's very important that you use good judgment and common sense when attempting to insert one of these big boys. You gotta use a ton of lube and go slow, slow slow.

Dick RamboneDick Rambone
This extreme measures overall 16.7 inches in overall length, 13.4 inches insertable and 2.3 inches in wide. This is much larger than an average erect penis, so use caution. It has a suction cup base to enhance your sexual experiences, just stick it on any smooth surface and enjoy a hands free adventure. Be sure to use plenty of water base lubricant and proceed slowly. For clean up, use warm water and a mild soap after each use.

Hoss Black imageHoss Black:
This big boy is only for the boldest sex toy enthusiast, many of us can not handle this extreme dildo. It's a very high quality product made from silicone and will last a life time. It's very realistic and has a penis head with a set of balls at the base. This bad boy deserve respect so be careful, it's a good idea to use a smaller dong to warm up with. He measures 11 inches long and 2.75 inches wide. Use a generous amount of water base lube for maximum pleasure.

The Mighty Joe Dong imageThe Mighty Joe Dong: When a discussion comes up about extreme dildos, this monster has to be included in the conversation. He's made of a very flexible and realistic feeling rubber that requires an adequate amount of water based lube, you're gonna need it. He measures a whopping 3 inches wide and has 9 inches of insertable length, he demands respect. It's very important to warm up with a smaller dong before attempting this giant.
Shroom Dong imageShroom Dong: Here's a monster dong that's a little different, check out his mushroomed head, it's much wider than his shaft. He's made of a soft jelly rubber material that makes it feel comfortable if you can get it in. It's 4 inches wide at the head but the shaft is only 2.5 inches, it's a full load for any vagina or anus. There's a full 7.5 inches that's insertable in addition to the impressive girth. I personally don't have the nerve to try it, my biggest concern is if, and I say if I could get it in, could I get it out. He's one of the most extreme dildos I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Be careful.
The Jolly Good Giant Dong imageThe Jolly Good Giant Dong: We have many extreme dildos in our inventory, and then there's the Jolly Good Giant Dong. He's massive, measuring 9.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide at the widest point. He's made from a soft jelly rubber that requires water based lube for best results. He may be jolly good but use extreme caution with this big'un.

Anatomically Correct Whale Penis imageAnatomically Correct Whale Penis: Our manufactures of this big guy says he's an anatomically correct whale penis measuring 13 inches long and up to 3.5 inches wide at the base. I'm gonna have to take their word for it that he's just like a whale's dick. He's made of a firm jelly rubber and tapers from 1.5 inches wide at the tip to 3.5 inches at the base. If you're building a collection of extreme dildos, then Moby's dick is a good one to add. I say again, be careful and don't hurt yourself.

the cannon dildo imageThe Cannon: They have got to be kidding me, how in the hell are we gonna have sex with this thing? Extreme dildos category is not where it belongs, it goes under the absurd heading. It's a ridiculous 5 inches wide and 10.5 inches long and amazingly weighs 8 pounds. Now it really is a quality product, but it belongs up on your fireplace mantel as a conversation piece. He's definitely not for human consumption.
Realistic Full Size HorseRealistic Full Size Horse Penis: This huge dick is really one of our most extreme dildos, both in size and the fact it's copied from a horse's cock. He stands 15 inches tall and measures up to 3 inches thick. It's made from a flexible rubber that's molded to resemble an actual horse penis in both size and shape. We hear stories that some actually enjoy using this giant, exercise caution if you plan on trying him on for size.
One of the most common topics in the sex toy business is about oversized dildos. They create much more interest than small ones thus many more of these giants are sold. Now the question is, are they pleasurable? For certain they're not for sex toy beginners, after one has gotten accustomed to regular sized dongs, try one of these extreme dildos if you want to. Most of us have to at least satisfy our curiosity to see if we can indeed have sex with a large cock.

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