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Weird Dildo 

Using a weird dildo can add a surprising amount of erotic excitement, maybe because unusual dildos have different shapes. If you have a particular fetish, like having sex with a horse, dog, whale, then you need to shop our large inventory.  We specialize in these self pleasure toys, we have all sizes, styles and types with great prices. 

9 Inch Incubus Dildo image9 Inch Incubus Dildo
This weird dildo is an incredibly detailed work of art, it's for those of us that enjoy unusual dildos with different shapes. This one has a terrific texture that provides additional stimulation all around the shaft with a smooth and easy to insert head. It's perfect for your alternative lifestyle, it measures just over 2.25 inches thick at its widest point 9 inches long with 7.5 inches insertable.
Be sure to add a generous amount of water base lubricant for maxium pleasure.
6.5 Inch I-Cock - Suction  unusual dildos graphic6.5 Inch I-Cock - Suction
We all look for some magical sex toy to enhance our bedroom pleasures, using a weird dildo just might be the answer. Now you can experience true magic when you slip this weird dildo into a welcoming pussy or an anxious ass. This is a true replica of her hand, it was molded directly from her actual hand. It's designed to bring you all the pleasures that desire.  It measures 6.5 inches long and approximately 1.5 inches wide.

The Double Fister graphicThe Double Fister
This is more that just a weird dildo, it's designed for double fisting. It's made from sturdy PVC that's firmly built to be as rough as you want. Great attention was given to the detail, all the way down to the finger nails. This is the perfect toy for all of your double fisting needs. it measures 12.5 inches long and up to 3.5 inches wide at the widest point.

Realistic Dog Penis imageRealistic Dog Penis
This unusual dildo is sculpted from firm jelly rubber and is a good representation of a real dog penis. It measures 1.75 inches wide at its widest point and 6.5 inches long. The shaft has a smooth texture with distinctive shape. It will provide a different experience with fantasies running wild. Be sure to  use an adequate amount of water base lubricant, it a bit larger than an average size penis.

The Shroom Dong imageThe Shroom Dong
This weird dildo is made of a soft jelly rubber material that makes it comfortable to use, if you can get it inserted. It measures 4 inches wide at the mushroom head, now that's a challenge for the most serious size enthusiasts, the 2.5 inch shaft should come easily after that. In addition the impressive girth, it has 7.5 inches of insertable length leaving nothing to be desired. Use caution with this giant, go slow with a ton of lube.

Anatomically Correct Whale Penis graphicAnatomically Correct Whale Penis
They say that this weird dildo is an anatomically correct whale penis, how in the hell do they know. It's is very large, measuring 13 inches long and from 1.5 to 3.5 inches wide. It's made from a firm jelly rubber and makes a great toy for the ambitious anal enthusiast. It's not for beginners, whether it's used anally or vaginally. As always, use extreme caution when attempting to insert any large object, you surely don't want to injure yourself. 

Cock Crazy - Suction weird dildoCock Crazy - Suction
If you get turned on by weird looking dildos, you're bount to have a ball with this bad boy. The S curve and thick veins will give you lots of stimulation! Made from phthalate-free PVC that's soft and flexible. Overall he measures 7.25 inches and up to 2 inches thick. He's also equiped with a suction cup base for hands free adventures, it sticks to any smooth surface allowing you to use your hands for other things.
The Jolly Good Giant DongThe Jolly Good Giant Dong
I'm not sure if there is a proper adjective to describe this monster, it's more than just a weird dildo. This huge jelly giant is soft to the touch but yet very sturdy. It measures an astounding 9.5 inches long and a whopping 4.5 inches wide at the base. The Coke can isn't there in the picture by accident, it for comparison, the can measures 2.5 inches wide, so be very careful if you attempt to insert this big boy.

The Cannon dildoThe Cannon
You'll notice from the picture that it looks big, that's because it is, he has 10.5 inches of insertable length and measure just over 5 inches wide, and, it weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces. If it were any bigger it would need real wheels to get around. Although it's made from soft jelly rubber, it's more than most of us can use. It easily stands up on it's own using its wide base. If you're looking for a challenge, or just need a coffee table centerpiece that's a surefire conversation starter, this bad boy will do it.

Realistic Full Size Horse Penis dildoRealistic Full Size Horse Penis
Standing 15 inches tall and measuring and up to 3 inches thick, this big boy will give all you can take. It's molded to resemble an actual horse penis in both size and shape. Many sex toy users tend to find the size and shape especially stimulating, maybe they are fulling filling a fantasy. Although using a weird dildo is very stimulating, be sure to keep a few regular sizes on hand, they are more likely to fulfill your sexual needs.

Tiger Black dildoTiger Black
Using your imagination and letting your fantasies run wild, this weird dildo will send you into orgasm spasms. It has a gently curved shaft criss-crossed with raised stripes for amazing textural sensations as you move it in and out. A special tri-lobed base sits easily and comfortably in the palm for self use, in a harness for partner play, and is even gently concaved to suction cup to any smooth, non-porous surface! It works best with a water-based lubricant and can be boiled to sterilize after use. It has 8 insertable inches and measures approximately 2.25 inches thick.

Visit our main store and see the huge selection of dildos we have in stock at discount prices. It's so easy to buy sex toys online, just a few mouse click and your order is promptly on its way in discreet packaging. Make the effort to spice up your sex life, whether it's with a weird dildo or something conventional, enjoy all the pleasures that's available to you.

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