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Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos are big dongs that most of us cannot use, however, there are those that enjoy being stretched to their limits. We have a great selection of giant dildos, some the size of a horse cock, that's big!! Most are made from soft jelly or latex rubber in several styles and types. Remember, use caution and common sense when inserting any large object. Maybe a nominal size is more what you have in mind, you'll find hundreds to look at. Don't forget to read the reviews on each model.

Fatman Mega DongFatman Mega Dong:Now this is a toy, meet the Fat Man MegaDong. If you like your toys short and thick, you're going to love the Fat Man! Made from phthalate-free PVC. Persons with allergies to latex, PVC, or urethane should not use this product. Novelty use only. He measures 6.5 inches long and up to 3 inches thick. This product will be made when your order is received. This order is non-cancellable once we put your order into process. No matter what shipping method you specify, we will take up to five working days to manufacture the product prior to shipping. We often ship within 48 hours but cannot guarantee it. Our factory is closed for production on Mondays. Thus if you place an order on Thursday, it will likely not ship until at least Tuesday. Our products are made in the USA.;

Huge Brutal Dildo imageGreat American Challenge Dildo: Wow, what a cock, this thing measures 14.5 inches long, 11 inches is insertable, he is 2.25 to 2.75 inches thick and has a circumference of 8.75 inches. You don't have to be good at math to determine that some of these brutal dildos are the size of a man's arm. This is an extreme dildo by any standards, the measurements speak loud and clear. He's made of a soft jelly rubber that gets slick when a good water based lubricant is applied, use an ample amount. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

enormous dildos imageEmperor Brown - 12 inch: A monster cock that is a foot long, 2 to 2.25 inches thick and up to 7.5 inches around at the widest point just below his head. Brutal dildos are not for the faint of heart, only experienced users please. As a bonus, he has a suction cup base that sticks to most smooth surfaces and allows your fingers to explore sensuous areas.

Dick Rambone - Black imageDick Rambone: An enormous dildo that is 17 inches long, a whopping 15 inches insertable, 2.5 inches thick and 7.75 inches around. This is an exact replica of Dick's massive dick that made him a lot of money in his films. It is made from a firm rubber with textured surface, it also has a suction cup base. Most had rather watch monsters in action than try to use them, it obviously takes a large anus or vagina to accommodate brutal dildos.

the natural dildo imageThe Natural: The name is appropriate for this big dong, which has a natural color and feel of a real cock. He measures 11.6 inches in length, 2.2 inches wide. Made of a soft flexible rubber that is textured to give extra stimulation as he is thrust in and out. If you attempt to insert any of these brutal dildos, use lots and lots of lubricant along with good judgment. Enjoy big dildo sex, but don't hurt yourself.

Hammer 12 inch Cock Realistic DildoHammer 12 inch Cock Realistic Dildo: This extreme brutal dildo is made from soft rubber with a veins on the shaft that gets slick with a few drops of lubricant. He measures 11 inches overall, 10 insertable and 2.4 inches wide. He'll stretch your vagina or anus to the limit so use plenty of lube. If you don't have experience with enormous dildos, please look at one that is more realistic in size. We have hundreds to choose from, you're sure to find one that's pleasurable.

Wildfire Star PerformerWildfire Star Performer: Ok ladies, if you say you can't get enough cock, you and your lover might try this one. This beautiful dildo measures 12" in length (9.75 insertable) and 2.5" thick. If huge brutal dildos is your thing, you'll love this big boy. Only experienced dildo users should attempt to insert this one, use good judgment and lots of lube.

Giant Jumbo Jack Black imageGiant Jumbo Jack Black: This big boy scares me, I don't have the capacity for one of these brutal dildos, this one measures 15 inches long, (11.5 insertable) and 2.5 to 3 inches wide. Don't even consider this monster unless you have experience with big cocks. This thing will certainly stretch your pussy or anus to the maximum so be careful and don't hurt yourself. Modern sex toys are available in almost any description imaginable, order something that makes you feel good. Don't forget to order a supply of lubricant.
Wildfire star performer series super star - black imageWildfire star performer series super star: This brutal dildo measures a whopping 17 inches overall with an incredible 13.25 inches insertable with an enormous girth of 2.9 inches. It also features a realistic tip, balls and firm shaft, and a harness compatible suction cup base. You're gonna wanna use a large amount of lubrication with this big boy. Be sure to go slow and easy with this dildo, it's very large and few can actually insert him, use caution and don't hurt yourself. Sex toys are designed to improve your sex life, sometimes a larger dildo will provide the ultimate sexual pleasure, but use good judgment and don't get excessive.

Browse our stores and see the hundreds of sex toys available to you. There are a lot of people that would like to order something but are nervous and timid. Let me assure you that your privacy is guaranteed, no one, not the mail man, delivery person are anyone else will ever know you have ordered a sex toy. All orders are shipped promptly and in discreet packaging when you buy a sex toy online. It is your right and privilege to own something that gives you pleasure. Get the courage to place an order, you'll be glad you did. Whether it's brutal dildos or a small finger vibrator, don't delay any longer, you're missing one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Modern Sex Toys home 

There is no right or wrong way to use a dildo, just do what feels good to you and/or your partner. A very important tip to success is use lots and lots of lubrication since they don’t provide their own. The material some are made from will absorb natural lubrication more quickly making the need for extra lube. There is many great lubricates on the market that will enhance your  sexual pleasures. Whether you are using your sex toy alone or with a partner, go slow and be very gentle in the beginning. Take your time in arousal and enjoy what you are feeling. If you are with a partner the key to your fun is communication. There is nothing wrong with telling him/her what you desire. The term brutal dildos mean one thing, a cock much bigger than most can safely insert into their vagina or anus. Many of them exceed three inches in width, that’s wider than a coke can, put your fingers around a can for comparison. My point is, don’t overload your ass or pussy with one of these giants, there’s plenty of big boys to give you that fulfillment feeling without the possibility of hurting yourself. The term brutal was coined to bring movie goers to the see women and men taking huge dildos in their orifices and spreading them without mercy. Women with multiple births are the best candidates for extremely large cocks or dongs, petite women probably should consider something in normal size if it’s pleasure they seek. Research the item that you’re most interested, then make an informed decision. The objective is to enjoy a pleasurable experience with your purchase, not to endure pain. For most of us, brutal dildos are not something that we can enjoy.