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Horse Dildo

Oversized dongs like a horse dildo is not something for sexual gratification, it's a novelty only. Only a few experienced players can even think about inserting something this on this magnitude. It measures 15 inches long and up to 3 inches in width. Monster dildos like this are not for the faint of heart, it is extremely large. Shop our huge selection if  you enjoy big cocks. For most of us sex toy enthusiast one of a nominal size is far more gratifying. Visit our large section of Huge Dildos if you prefer one larger than average, there are many to choose from.

horse dildo image

horse dildo
There has always been a lot of interest in monster dildos, but here's the facts, most people that order one that's huge and over load their ass or vagina. More pleasure generally comes from those that closely resemble a real cock, now that doesn't mean you won't enjoy oversized dildos. But one that is 3 or 4 inches in diameter is much more than most can accommodate. A good guide would be start smaller and work your way up to the size of a horse. The best size is one that makes you feel good, small, medium or large. Buy a sex toy online today an improve your sex life. Large dildos, are they for you? There seems to be more interest in the bigger ones than the size of a normal cock. Most of that interest is in people’s fantasies and probably not a reality for most of us. We’re all fascinated by huge cocks and breasts, but let’s be practical, a size closer to normal is more sexually rewarding for most. For example, we have in our sex toy store a 16 inch long and 3 inch thick, how many can have sex with something that large? That’s the size of a horses cock, but it still fascinating to look at those monster dicks. Many porn stars have one that has been molded from their erect member, and they are a big selling item. But let’s face it, their big cock is what got them into acting, in most cases more so than their talent. Who’s going to see a adult flick starring a guy with a normal six inch cock? There’s no better way to enjoy solo sex than with a quality sex toy, whether it’s a vibrator, dildo or masturbator of some type. What puzzles me is why so many do without when with just a few mouse clicks they could have a pleasure giving sex toy on the in discreet packaging. Widowed women, divorcees or single women have the right to continue to be sexually active if they are alone, there’s a lot of sex toys they can use to achieve orgasms. It’s been said that regular use of a dildo helps prevent thinning of the vaginal walls. There’s also many sex toys to keep men satisfied, ejaculations are healthy, it keeps the ol’ prostate gland flushed. So if it feels good, and it’s good for us, why not use sex toys, they are so much better than using nothing but your hands and fingers. Remember, the horse dildo is supposed to be a novelty only, don't get carried away with your big cock desires.

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